The Guantlet is Back!

Jayden Lewis, Journalist

Let the Video Games begin!!!!!

For those of you who loved the RoosterTeeth  reality game series The Gauntlet, they have recently released a new season!

In October, 2012, the Internet sensation, RoosterTeeth Productions, aired a reality games series called The Gaunlet. The Gauntlet is a show involving 16 contestants divided into 4 teams that would challenge each other in video game challenges. In each episode, a team that would finish last would have to challenge each other to see which one of their team members would be eliminated.There are no votes or immunity in this show. Your elimination is entirely based on skill with the controller. If your team loses against an opposing team, you would have to face a free-for-all challange that will result in one being eliminated.

With the new season released, they now feature four teams. However, instead of contestants chosen from the public, they now feature four teams of the RT staff, Achievement Hunter Staff, RT Community, and Web Celebrities. Now with the new contestants having a stronger bond and a higher skill in video games, the Gauntlet has become much more thrilling than before!

The first episode has premiered on the September 1st, 2013, and so far had released 6 episodes. For more information and to view the actual series, visit