Food in Class?

Mikaela Bartsch, Reporter

Is there a school rule for no food in class? Because there are some classes where we are allowed to eat, and some where we are not. A couple of teachers say it is against school rules to eat in class, but a couple say it is not. Students never hear of that rule so we are confused if it is enforced or not. Is it?

I believe that we should be able to eat snacks in class, just as long its not a full meal or plate lunch. Things like chips, granola bars, and fruit are things that should be acceptable. I think that we should go over all the school rules again and go into details so that students and teachers know what they are. A lot of people seem confused about the rules.

Several juniors and seniors said that they would like to have food in class because they already bring snacks to class. They think it should be acceptable. If a majority of students think it is okay, then it should be allowed. Students already know how to not abuse this privilege so students should be given the opportunity.