Girls Basketball Team is Made!

mohala kaholaa kumukoa, reporter

Girls basketball got their teams, and there are not going to have a Junior Varsity team because only a little bit of girls showed up. 20 girls signed up but only 15 girls showed up. Our coaches didnʻt know if they  really wanted a J.V. team. They decided to have one for next year to get J.V. ready. The team members are Jenny Fong, Mohala Kaholoaʻa-Kumukoa, Naai Lewis, Hauoli Sproat- Lancaster, Briana Harrison, Tezrah Antonio, and Leigh-Ann Rivera. J.V. team members are Brittney Badua, Karisse Cafe- Ayoso,Melina Van-Zandt, Pomai carvalho, and Kumulani Kaʻai. So there are three girls that get to play J.V and Varsity. Their names are Laʻi Bello-Coito, Jessica Tenorio, and Brittany Shimono.

They get to practice all together  as J.V and Varsity to 3:30 to 6:15.