Court Winners!

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

As you all know, Kohala High School recently had court nominations where students nominate either themselves or other students that they want to be on one of the  four courts. These courts consist of Winterball, Homecoming, Prom, and Sophomore Hop. After nominations took place, STUCO members go through and make a list of all the nominees for voting. For the freshmen class, freshmen vote and the same goes for the rest of the classes except for the senior class. Since the seniors have voting for king and queen, plus attendants, the entire student body votes for them.

During the week of November 4th, STUCO members personally went to voting winners to ask them if they wanted to go through with the event as well as the planning to come.

Court Winners are:

Queen and King: Samara Shaw & Mark Edwards
Senior Attendants: Brittney Kanoa & Justice Lewis-Matsu
Junior Attendants: Mary Ann Emeliano & Kahj Maunu
Sophomore Attendants: Jenny Fong & Jayven Amonance
Freshman Attendants: Brittany Shimono & (TBD)

Queen and King: Mohala Kaholoa’a-Kumukoa & Bronson Fuertes Jr (Haruto)
Senior Attendants: Jocelyn Campollo & Azariah Seidel-Glory
Junior Attendants: Laʻikai Bello-Coito & Mikala Jordan
Sophomore Attendants: Tezrah Antonio & Ronnie Baldos
Freshman Attendants: Desha Yamasaki-Cazimero & James Apostadiro

Queen and King: Kimberly Elarco & Taric Ching (Ricky)
Senior Attendants: Kiki Kelly & (TBD), Chaslyn Yamamoto & Sandrex Ramos
Junior Attendants: Genevieve Boyle & Brayden Torres, Seysha Lucas & Josiah Adams