The American Jungle

Shawn Estabilio, Journalist

The American Jungle. More like American lies!

There’s a new ‘reality’ T.V. series on the History channel called “American Jungle.” The show is meant to depict wild hog hunting on our very own Big Island of Hawaii. Instead, it showcases a variety of Hawaiian stereotypes such as clans, jungle code, and the fact that no one uses firearms. Also, a few of the stereotypes are portrayed in the new show.

The “American Jungle” dramatizes the stereotypes that people on the mainland believe to be true. They do this by showcasing the local hunters as ‘clan members’ and insisting that the clans are struggling to survive in the jungle . Thy claim that all clans abide by the ‘Jungle Code.’

Anyone born and or raised on the Big Island shouldn’t take this show seriously. I don’t recommend watching it unless you want a good laugh.