Stressed Seniors!

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

As the months are coming and going, the stress for the seniors just seems to keep on coming and coming, but not going. The month of November is filled with much to do and the list seems like it will never end.

One of the main things that the seniors are all worried about is their senior project. Usually the senior project isn’t required for everyone to do. If done it would count as another credit and be a step closer to getting a BOE diploma. However, Kohala High School has made it a graduation requirement for every student. No senior project, no graduation. To add on to all of that pressure, the deadline for the senior project was moved up by a month meaning that seniors are having to generate ideas quickly and produce quality effort at the same time.

Another big thing is college! Around this time of the year seniors have to start turning in college applications, personal statements, personal essays, and working on scholarships. This can be very time consuming and students have to be self-motivated to complete things like this.

Along with the given, the seniors have lots of other things filling their schedules. Whether it be sports or other extra curricular activities, senior activities and events, or even jobs, seniors all around are busy with many things. The stress just doesn’t seem to be going away.