Drivers Education

Alexis Ella Matundan, Reporter

Unfortunately, Mr. Hashimoto has retired from instructing students in Driverʻs Education. Students eager to get their licenses and permits are greatly disappointed. Theyʻve asked Mr. Hashimoto repeatedly to have one more class but a no is a no. Theyʻve also asked Mr. Kealoha but he still has to get through the process of becoming a certified teacher.

Gladly, a lady from Hilo is coming to instruct classes. The classes are from 8am until 12noon at the library on Saturdays and Sundays. Itʻs said to be a month long and driving with the instructor will be scheduled at another time. If youʻre interested, there are forms in the office. There is a $10 payment fee. Thereʻs no saying if there is limited space but to be on the safe side, get your forms into the office ASAP.