Pool Closed Due to Flooded Pump

Kassie Kometani, Editor

Hawaiiʻs rainy winter season is upon us and Kohala has finally been getting some rain. Unfortunately for the Kamehameha Park Pool, it has been a little too much rain. A few days ago the lifeguard showed up to work to discover that the main pump had flooded due to excessive rain. Usually the mechanism that controls the flow of water is able to prevent this problem. But a malfunction caused the mechanism to jam, flooding the pump. The pump is an important system thatʻs needed to run the pool so until it is fixed the pool must be closed. According to the lifeguard this problem has happened before and it took over a month to repair.

This is a huge setback for Kohalaʻs USA swim team, Liquid Aloha Aquatics. They are in the midst of their short-course season and state championships are coming up next month. Also, the high school swimming season is just getting started and now Kohala Highʻs team has no place to train. Fortunately both swim teams have found other options to continue training. HPA has opened up their pool to the Kohala High School swimmers who will now be able to train there every day from 5:30 to 6:30. Itʻs a little bit of a drive, but the swimmers are thankful for the opportunity. Kohalaʻs USA team will begin commencing dry-land practices at the park to build strength and stamina. They will run, do sprints, and do sets of arm, abs, and leg exercises to keep in shape. They are also planning to have beach practices at Mahukona to get some time in the water.

The swimmers are trying to look past this obstacle and make use of what is available. They are hoping for a speedy repair for the pump so their pool can reopen.