Winter Spirit Week

Denae Rivera, Reporter

Spirit Week is a week when schools such as ours try to increase the amount of school spirit. It often takes place around Homecoming or other school events. In this case ʻWinterʻ spirit week is coming up! Clearly just by reading the name itself you can infer that the week is full of fun winter themes. If you guessed that then youʻre absolutely correct! Here at Kohala High School we often have what we call Mauna Kea day which is a day where you dress up like youʻre going to play in snow or like itʻs storming outside. Thereʻs also Christmas character day where you dress up as your favorite Christmas character like an elf or a reindeer. Some other days of the week are snow flake day, present day, and pajama day.

Often associated with spirit weeks are pep rallies or as we call them, assemblies. Here at Kohala High we have our assembly on Friday, the last day of the week. Specifically for winter spirit week we have a class section decorating contest where each class of Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors compete on having the best decorated section in our gym. Along with the decorating contest there are little games, and probably the most important part of this whole process…WINTER LIP SYNC!

Winter lip sync is performed by each class at the assembly. The class of 2015 took the victory last year followed by the class of 2014, 2013, and 2016.

We have lots of fun during this week and personally it is hands down my favorite time of the school year! Filled with competition and good vibes get ready for winter spirit week!