Senior Bonding Success


Vahan Chertavian

senior bonding

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

Senior bonding, which should have been in the beginning of the year, finally came through. For the past couple of months, advisors were working diligently to pull things off. There were many complications with the bussing with no availability, and all the seniors could do was hope that everything would fall into place. Senior bonding is a time where the seniors have a time set aside for themselves to come together as a class and bond. As the last year in their high school career, senior bonding was very important to happen for the class of 2014. Senior bonding pulled through and happened on November 19th and 20th. Some students weren’t able to attend and were missed, but they were still in the hearts and minds of the ones who did attend.

This year the seniors voted to spend the night at Kilauea Military Camp. On the first day the seniors bonded by coming together and playing kickball against each other. Also, senior class president, Eloisa Obero planned out an activity where the seniors could learn new things about their peers and write positive things that they learned. The same night before dinner several games of bowling and lots of playing in the arcade occurred. It was a great way to have a good time while enjoying the company of their own classmates. On the second day some students were motivated to go on a morning hike on the crater rim trail located right across from the camp. They got to enjoy a beautiful walk while the air was still cool. Other students stayed back to continue enjoying the company of each other.

Although the time was short, many activities created an environment that the class of 2014 could be with each other and have fun with everyone. The students were happy that everything finally pulled through and many agree that they wish it could have been just a day longer.