2013 College and Career Fair Recap

2013 College and Career Fair Recap

Kassie Kometani, Editor

This year marked Hawaii’s 39th Annual College and Career Fair. It was held this past Thursday at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott and was open to all. Schools from the west side of Hawaii brought busloads of students to experience the fair. A group of 45 lucky Kohala students signed up for the event and were able to attend. It was an enriching yet overwhelming day for the students. Over 70 different colleges, universities, and institutes presented at the fair.  A majority of the schools were from the Western states of California, Oregon, and Washington. There was also several universities from Colorado. Once at the fair, students were able to roam about and talk to the different schools about their majors, population, sports, and more. They received pamphlets and were able to sign up for the school’s mailing list.

“There were a lot of potential colleges for Hawaii students. There were schools there that I had never heard of but it was cool to learn about them.” said junior Isabel Steinhoff. This is a prime time for juniors to begin thinking of their college of choice. It was eye-opening to many as it was their first time exploring colleges.

Students at the fair also got to talk to University of Hawaii representatives about topics such as their housing, sports, majors, and college life in general. Students were also given helpful tips for having a good interview and applying for scholarships.

“This fair helped me narrow down my college choices and was able to learn about the requisites I will need to meet. I am not motivated to better myself to get into those schools.” said junior Josiah Adams.

This year’s College and Career Fair was successful in introducing the college experience to many students. It is the first step for many students in their journey to college.