Final Weeks of First Semester

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

As the month of December started, the countdown to winter break began as well! With only two and a half weeks left of the quarter and semester, students are looking forward to their two weeks out of school. However, as the semester comes to and end there is still much to be done!

One thing every student has to be prepared for is finals week. Final exams help to make or break the semester grade that appears on official transcripts. However, finals week is also the same week as winter spirit week! Since the beginning of the year, students have been excited for winter spirit week. It’s good that winter spirit week and finals week fall within each other so that it’ll give the students something positive and fun to look forward too. This is where students get to come together as a class and show their dedication and spirit.

Although winter break is right around the corner, nothing is being slowed down around Kohala High. With so little time the students have to prepare for much to come.