Cowboys Soccer Back in Action!

Josiah Adams, Reporter

On Wednesday December 4th, the Boys Varsity soccer team kicked off soccer season with a game against HPA’s Ka Makani.  The game was an intense 90 minutes, not including extra time added on by the referee.  At half time HPA held a 1 point lead over the Cowboys after scoring off of a penalty kick (soccer equivalent to a free throw in basketball).  The 1st half was very physical with many hip and shoulder checks, and even a few full body hits.  But the Cowboys showed HPA that they were on the field to stay. After being TKO’d the year before, they were able to hold HPA down at 1 point at half.

The  2nd half was even more intense than the first.  The Cowboys received a boost in morale after Striker Felipe Ruvalcaba scored a goal to tie the game at 1:1.  This inspired the Cowboys and shocked the Makani.  A few minutes later, controversy shrouded a 2nd goal that was scored by HPA.  Cowboys Goalkeeper Kahuliau Ka’i picked up the ball when suddenly a HPA striker caused Kahuliau to drop the ball by hitting him. This allowed HPA to score off of an illegal play.

Although a linesman called a foul on HPA for the illegal play that lead to a goal, he was waved down by the center referee and the goal was counted.  When confronted after the game by the linesman who called the foul,  the center referee said that he shouldn’t have let the play go.  At the end of the 90 minute game, the score was 1:3 HPA.  The Cowboys fought hard, and were happy to have performed as well as they did.  E Ala e Na Paniolo!