KPG 2014 on its Way

December calls for another fundraiser for Kohala Project Grad 2014. On the first Monday of this month students, parents, and group leaders met to discuss ideas for this month’s fundraisers and the ones to follow. Senior Kimberly Elarco’s grandmother came up with the fantastic idea for sushi. It is the normal sushi – nori, rice, rice vinegar, egg, tuna, and ebi. The seniors will be selling the sushi in a roll for $5. The pick up date will be on December 31, 2013. Yes, it is on New Year’s Eve, but it makes a perfect pupu or snack for the family. The best part is that you don’t have to make it!

If anyone is interested in purchasing some sushi be sure to see a senior student. Hurry and be quick because they are only going to be making 400 maximum!

So far KPG 2014 has been successful. Parents and students have been open to trying new fundraisers and work very cooperatively to get everything done. November’s fundraiser was lau lau and the class was able to bring in a few thousand dollars. The more money they make, the more fun their project grad will be.

Money is being made, expenses are being paid, and Kohala Project Grad 2014 is on its way!