Students Improve KHS One Bench at a Time

Josiah Adams, Reporter

Students and teachers are so busy all the time whether it’d be PTP, senior project, homework, or sports.  Sometimes it may be best to just sit down and take a minute or two to enjoy the day.  Our very own students are making this possible one bench at a time.

Newly built benches can be found on the soccer field, courtesy of students involved with the construction classes.  Thanks to these students there are now enough benches to sit entire sports teams during games and practices.

Even more recently built, three benches have been built near Ms. Hoy’s and Mr.Kometani’s room on campus.  This was all part of an Eagle Scout project conducted by Koa Bartsch and troop 56.  Providing students more areas to sit is the most recent in a long line of Eagle Scout projects at the School.

So next time you sit down on one of these benches, be sure to enjoy the day and be thankful for the students who made them.