Ricky Ching, Reporter

Finals, also known as the “end of the semester exam,” has finally arrived.  It’s almost winter break, but there are only 5 days that stand between the students and winter break.   Although there is  only 5 days left of the second quarter and first semester, this last 5 days will be intense, stressful,  tiring, and the most crucial week.

Teachers are giving students either a final or some sort of project which could be a PowerPoint, or written essay.  The final exam that is given to students will mainly focus on the variety of lessons from the first day of school, that students have been taking Cornell notes,  and have been taking quizzess and tests on.  Finals, also know as the “end of the semester exam,” is very crucial for students, for it will determine whether a student will pass or fail the course.

The main objective of finals week, isn’t just to fail the students, as some students  assume that’s the reason, but finals give an individual overview which teachers use to evaluate how much and what the student has learned from day one.  It also gives an understanding of where the student stands in the class , meaning what subject or lesson the student struggles on, and where the student excels.  With the results of the final exam, teachers will compare the scores of students to see where every student stands, and then the teacher will try to create new lesson plans that will go over previous lessons so students which were struggling can be on the same page as other fellow classmates.

E ala e na paniolo!