Soccer: Cowboys Take the Bulls by the Horns

Josiah Adams, Reporter

      It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon, 4 games into the season and the Cowboys had yet to win a soccer game.  After a crushing defeat dealt by Christian Liberty Academy, the Cowboys managed to shut out the Parker Bulls.  The 6-0 game was the first shutout for the Cowboys in the past few years.  It was also one of the highest scoring games for the Cowboys since defeating Keaau 2 years ago.

The game itself wasn’t a heart stopper. Kohala dominated the field throughout the game.  With Billy Skelton and Ricky Ching racking up a 3 point lead at halftime, the team was very relaxed for the remainder of the game.  Felipe Ruvalcaba and Carlos Rodriguez also scored goals.  For Seniors Ricky Ching and Carlos Rodriguez, scoring a goal is a special accomplishment for two boys in their final season.  Hopefully there are more to come.

The Boy’s and Girl’s Varsity Soccer teams will not have any home games until January 18, 2014.

E Ala e Nā Paniolo.