Student Spotlight – Jesilyn Manalo


Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

Seniors have been packed with deadlines, deadlines,  and more deadlines this time of year. Senior projects are on there way, college applications are being sent in, and PTP (Personal Transition Plan) binders are due at the end of this quarter. Even with all those projects, they still have their regular classes and last social events of their high school year. With all that going on, their countdown is almost half way to graduation day!

Jesilyn Manalo is one of seniors in the graduating class of 2014. Jesilyn is from Honokaʻa and just joined the seniors this past school year. When asked about how her school year has been going, she answered with “It’s been going good.” She mentioned that her trigonometry/pre-calculus class is her hardest class and her british literature is her favorite class. In her british literature, they’re currently learning Gulivar’s Travel and Satire.

One thing Jesilyn is looking forward to this year is graduating. But on the other hand, she said she’s going to miss the people when she leaves. Her plans after high school are to attend Hawaiʻi Pacific University on Oʻahu and major in nursing.

The advice she would like to leave the underclassmen is, “DON’T procrastinate, do ALL your work, and if you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Goodluck and Congrats to Jesilyn and all the seniors!