Kohala High Students Excited for New School Year


We are three weeks into the new school year, and students at Kohala High are up and running. The first day of school started off a little slow, with many people trying to get a feel for their classes and freshmen trying to get oriented in their new home for the next four years. “I had two different freshmen come up to me and ask for directions. It was a pleasant surprise to know they weren’t afraid of me,” an anonymous senior said with a chuckle.

Although there is only one new teacher, Ms. Polonski, there is definitely a different feel around campus. This may be due in part to the new Principal, Mrs. Snelling, taking over, along with Mrs. Mauro becoming the Dean of Students.

Principal Snelling conveyed, “The transition to the high school environment has been a positive one. It’s a sort of homecoming for me to be back on this campus.”
Mrs. Mauro communicated that she sees a lot of promise for the year. “It’s been really nice; I see lots of smiling faces.

Teachers and students have also started to dig into the curriculum. Azariah Seidel-Glory mentioned, “Now that I’m a sophomore the classes are getting a lot harder.” The freshmen class seems to have adapted well to the new environment. “It’s better than middle school, but it’s still hard and challenging,” freshmen Ashlynn Vanzandt said.

Everyone also seems thrilled for sports games and school activities like the dances to start. Senior Devereaux Aiona stated, “Everybody seems stoked about a positive new year.” This positive vibe is one that students and teachers hope will continue for the entire year.


Written by: Andrew Trump