Leo’s Club First Service Project of the Year

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

Kohala High School’s Leo Club members wanted to start off the year right with a service project! And that’s just what they did. Better yet, the Leo’s Club did a service project for their own school. On January 2-3, 2014 the vision of the project came through. Principal of Kohala High School, Mrs. Snelling, provided the club with the idea to landscape the area in front of the library and office. Then the club pulled it all into reality.

The first day, January 2, 2014, the members started by digging a trench and leveling the ground as best as they could. Although it sounds easy, the sun was beaming down and everyone was sweating like crazy. The second day seemed to be the exact opposite. The rain was pouring down but the club still put themselves to work. A weed blocking material was placed down first so that weeds won’t be able to grow over there. After that they started to shovel gravel they wheeled it down to the area and raked the gravel so that it would be level.

Even though there were times when members felt like they just wanted to give up, they pushed on until completion of their area was done. From the few members that came out to help, a big accomplishment was done. Everyone was extremely happy with the outcome of their project. Needless to say, the Leo’s took a great start to their year.