Colorado, January 1, 2014

Robert Victorino, Reporter

January 1, 2014 cannabis was made legal for recreational purchase in the state of Colorado for anybody over the age of 21. That’s right, the world’s first state-licensed cannabis retailers.  Residents can purchase cannabis like alcohol, but purchases are limited to over an ounce. Non-residents can purchase up to a quarter ounce.  Anyone that is 21 and older can walk in to any dispensary (a club were medical cannabis is sold in Colorado) and purchase cannabis for recreational purposes.  On January 1 Colorado dispensaries grossed over $1 million and about $290,000 in taxes.  The first $40 million raised will go to school funding.  In November, 2012  the people of Colorado and Washington will have legal recreational of cannabis use in Washington and Colorado where you can consume cannabis where ever its legal to consume cigarettes.  It took 420 days for the law to go through.  The legalization is estimate to save $10 billion yearly on tax payers.