SCU Winter Financial Literacy Class

Genevieve Boyle, Reporter

The Student Credit Union provided a financial literacy class for their members this winter break. The classes were held on  was December 23, 30, and January 6 in the business/computer lab.  A group of about 12 students attended the class. Several employees from the Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union were the ones who taught the classes. They were Jason “Chai” Wilson, Lakme Nishie and Nohea Kauka.

The first class taught by Chai was about credit unions vs. banks and loans. Students learned about what is considered good credit, bad credit, and what kind of credit is needed for loans. Chai explained how credit unions profit from loans and the difference between credit union loans and bank loans.

The second class on December 30th was taught by Aunty Lakme. The students analyzed credit score and learned about understanding your pay check . They learned what the components are that make up your credit score, how a good credit score can benefit you, and how to boost your credit score. The students went over the different methods of paying employees, payroll cards and how to read a paycheck stub.

The last day the class was taught by Nohea about visa cards, account access, and CU service centers. Students learned about the different types of cards available to them through the Credit Union. They were taught how to set up an online account on eBranch and how to access mobile banking through that. The students gained knowledge about what CU service centers are and how to use them when they’re not at their local branch. After the class, students enjoyed a delicious lunch provided for them by the Student Credit Union.

This class helped students gain knowledge on many things that would be beneficial for their future! It was a great opportunity for students to know these important things that aren’t taught in school.