Lego Movie seems legit

If you are like me when I was 7-13, you probably loved Legos. Building sets, customizing mini figures, and even watching Lego stop motion videos on YouTube.

If you really do have such a love for Legos, you should be happy to know that on Feburary 7th, theaters will be releasing a new Lego movie!

Directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, famous for such movies as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, decided to create a new full-budget Lego Movie with the help of Warner Brothers Studios. Not much is concluded about the plot, but by trailers released since June 18, 2013, it is about an ordinary mini figure construction worker named Emmet who is mistaken to be a “Chosen One” that could save the Lego Universe. The movie includes an incredible cast of voices, such as Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell, and even Channing Tatum. But what really is amazing is the familiarLego characters featured in film like Lego Batman, Lego Superman, and a debut of Lego Spaceman from the original 1980s Lego Space play set.

There were many other Lego films and series before. However, they weren’t given a Lego kinetic texture like how this new movie is going to be. The movie is said to be CGI, yet has the unique Lego look as if it was really a stop-motion picture such as how classic independent Lego films are.

I can’t put my thoughts in your head  to make you want to see it and I can’t predict the future to say it’s fantastic,  but I can say that I highly recommend this movie to all Lego lovers. It releases in theaters on Feburary 7, 2014. Go and capture the magic!