Kohala High Has a Completed Podium!

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

Did you ever wonder what that stone structure in front of the flag pole was? That structure has been there since 1970 and there weren’t any changes done to it until this last year, 2013. The wondering question about what the purpose of that structure was had been answered on December 6, 2013. It is a “Welcoming Podium” with information about the history of Kohala High and the community. After 43 years the podium was finally complete.

The KHS Letterman Club in 1970 had a dream to create this “Welcoming Podium” for their visitors.  The three plaques on the podium share on Kohala High school’s history, the school’s alma mater and a little on Kohala’s sugar industry history. This dream started, but hadn’t been completed due to the lack of funding. Since 1970, the podium had been left unfinished.  Last year’s graduating class of 2013 made a generous donation as their class gift to the podium funding. Along with the donations from the class of 1973 and an anonymous donor the funding to complete the plaques and nameplates was finalized. But even with all the contributors to the podium funding, only one third of the all the costs were covered.

On December 6th, 2013, Mr. Dennis Lewis, a Kohala High alumni and the project’s organizer, as well as a member of MLH Hawaii, visited Kohala High to give a speech on living your dreams, setting goals, and being part of making things happen! It was part of Mr. Lewis’ dream to have that podium completed for future generations and visitors to see. The podium was intended to represent pride and honor the students and alumni of Kohala High have for their school. The message the podium wanted to say was one of pride, respect, inspiration, and most of all, the meaning of giving back.

If you are interested in giving a tax deductible donation, consider donating for the podium fund through MLH Hawaii Foundation.

Make checks payable to:

MLH Hawaii Foundation
c/o Kohala High School
P.O. Box 279
Kapaau, Hawaii 96755

Earmark checks (bottom left of check) to Kohala High School