Old School Rivals at it Again

Ricky Ching, Reporter

After months of hard work and dedication at practice, both Kohala and Honoka’a alumni were anxious to get back on the field.  Kohala had the home field advantage against the Dragons, but Honoka’a came into the game as top dogs with already one win over the Cowboys.  These two old school rivals had another chance to re-live their high school football days.  It was a battle of the old school.

Kohala had won the coin toss and decided to receive the ball first.  Honoka’a caught Kohala off guard with an unexpected onside kick which was fumbled, but Kohala managed to recover the ball.  Honoka’as defense came out fast and strong, making Kohala earn every yard.  Kohalas offensive back field struggled to hang on to the ball. They had given up a total of six turn overs, five fumbles and an interception.  Kohala tried running the ball on the ground, and had a couple of long runs up the middle.   But on average they were given little to no room to run the ball on the ground, so they turned to the passing game.

In the first half of the game and some of third quarter Kohalas quarterbacks were having  a hard time trying to get the ball into the hands of  their intended receivers.  It wasn’t until 3 minutes before the fourth quarter was coming to an end that Kohala’s wide receiver Micah Ching had a nice route, and was able to get enough space between him and his defender so that he could make a spectacular catch in the end zone for a touchdown.

Although Kohala took the loss 21-10, Kohala held thier head up high knowing that it wasnt the win that mattered. Just being able to have the opportunity to suit up, and play football with thier friends and classmates once more just like the old days was enough.  It was an action packed game from the beggining to the end.  Both teams, offense and defense gave it their all leaving everything on the field.   It was great game with a lot of spectacular plays, hard hits, and good sportsmanship from both sides.