Homecoming Spirit Week

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

This year’s homecoming spirit week was from January 21st to the 24th. Although the students had many other things to worry about like float making and powder puff dance routines, having some class spirit does help out! The dress up days were as follows:

Tuesday- Sports Day
Tuesday’s noon-time game was “taste the rainbow.” The students had to find the one green m&m buried with whipped cream, chocolate, and other colored candies. First place were the freshman, second place were the sophomores, third place were the juniors, and last place were the seniors!

Wednesday- Wild West Day
On Wednesday the noon-time game was “finding the needle in the haystack.” Students were blindfolded and were allowed to use one hand to pick out paperclips in a small bucket of rice. First place were seniors, second place were the freshman, third place were the juniors, and in last were the sophomores.

Thursday-Looney Toon Day 
Thursday’s noon-time game was a relay game. The students had to dress up in funky clothes and be tied back-to-back to a partner and run down the grass. Once there, one partner had to throw a water balloon back to the other partner and they would have to catch it. First place were the sophomores, in second place the seniors and juniors tied, and the freshman were disqualified as they did not have the number of players necessary.

Friday- Class Pride Day 
On Friday, students got their cowboy on! In this relay game, one student would ride their “horse” over to the next person who would rope the cow by the head. After the cow was roped they would ride their horse to the next person. That person would grab the horse and ride it to the center and pin a cowboy hat to the final player. First place were the seniors, second place were the juniors, third place were the sophomores, and last place were the freshman.