Homecoming Parade

Homecoming Parade

Saturday, January 25th – Kohala High School’s Homecoming Parade was a go! The parade was right before our Kohala Cowboys played the Waiakea Warriors.

On a sun-filled day students from each class came together to show their school and class spirit. This was the day students have been preparing for over the past week. Through all the madness everyone pulled through and made everything worth the sweat.

This year’s route was different than the year before. Instead of starting from the park and making their way toward the school, the parade started at the school and ended at the park. The reason for this was for the Waiakea students to actually see the floats that were made to intimidate them.

The floats being displayed were all really nice and well put together. Other than the floats being displayed there were each classes’ banner, and every class had students riding horses.

As students walked through town they cheered and waved putting endless smiles on spectators faces. Endless lines of chairs and umbrellas were put out along the roadside. Children were smiling and laughing while the elders cheered along. Everyone in Kohala is great with this kind of stuff! There has always got to be that loving push from your hometown!

Make it something new in your family next year and the years to come! Walk outside and support Kohala High’s homecoming parade!