May Day Informations

Mohala Kaholoaa Kumukoa, Reporter

This year we’re having a May Day. We have had it for many years now. It’s important to keep the Hawaiian culture strong. This means a lot to our community. Last week and this week we have been doing paper work, essays, interviews, and our school vote. All these steps are just to be on May Day court. Everything we go through earns us points. If we don’t complete some of these assignments we get an automatic zero. We get 100 points all together and whoever get the highest of everything will be king and queen. The second highest gets the Big Island and so on. The points go by highest to lowest because it’s fair that way. You are not allowed to pick what islands you want but you can trade if your classmates are willing to. We are not too sure when May Day May will be but what I know is that it will be at the ending of April or in May.