ACT Prep Class

Kassie Kometani, Editor

A special opportunity arose for Kohala High School juniors when Principal Janette Snelling learned of an online adaptive test prep course. The website, called BenchPrep, was created by Craig Gehring. He earned a perfect score on the ACT and SAT exams while in high school. The site includes a set a comprehensive lessons specified for each content area of the ACT: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing. Also included is a general test prep section developed by Gehring to teach students vital test taking techniques they can use on the ACT.

Students have access to computers after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to work online. The course is being offered for free after Mrs. Snelling capitalized on the website and bought vouchers for students to use. Juniors have an opportunity to take the ACT exam for free at Kohala High on March 8 of this year. Taking the prep class is a great way to “gain an unfair advantage on test day”, as Gehring describes it. The online course is only being offered to juniors and is being administered by Mrs. Pam Mauro.

“I hope students take advantage of this website. It is a great preparation for the ACT and who better to learn from than a man who got a perfect score?” stated Mrs. Mauro.

The website caters to the student’s respective test date. It compiles the lessons down into a study plan that students can follow up until their test. About a dozen students signed up so far and are well on their way to raising their ACT scores.