Bomb Explodes at Hilo High School

Kassie Kometani, Editor

The Big Island experienced quite a shock today when a small bomb exploded at Hilo High outside the school’s auditorium. A class was in session in the auditorium but fortunately no one was near the explosion when it went off. No injures were reported but the incident did prompt a brief campus-wide lock down . The device detonated at around 11:15 this morning and was described by authorities as a “bottle bomb”. Two 16 year-old male students are now in custody for their relation to the bomb but it is unsure whether or not the bomb was meant as a prank.

Police and firemen swarmed the school following the explosion and no one was allowed to leave the campus. The lock down was lifted after two hours when officials reported that no other devices had been found.

News about the incident broke later this afternoon came as quite a surprise to most. Parents of students at Hilo High were frantic trying to get information on what had happened. An incident such as this is highly unusual for a Hawaii school.

The names of the students involved with the bomb have not yet been released and more information on the incident is highly anticipated.