Senior Bonfire!

Senior Bonfire!

Kauanoe Gusman, Reporter

With a few months left until graduation, the seniors gathered together to have a bonding activity. It was planned after the homecoming parade with Uncle Sam (senior Arden Dean’s dad) to have a bonfire at their house on the first of February. The seniors wanted to burn their homecoming materials from this year as well as some homecoming things that were saved from previous years.

Around 5 oʻclock on Saturday a few boys along with Uncle Sam dug a pit for the fire to take place. They also set up a tent and chairs that the seniors could sit under. People started to arrive around 7 oʻclock with bunches of food, as it was a potluck style event. Soon after most people arrived, the fire was lit up and its warmth spread all around. Despite the few passing showers from that evening, the seniors still had a blast and the fire still burned as high as could be.

The fire lasted for about five hours. Although five hours seems like a lot for a fire to burn, it ended too fast for the seniors who were enjoying each other’s company and laughter. With four months left before graduation, it’s finally hitting the seniors that they don’t have much time left until everyone heads their separate ways.

The homecoming materials are now gone forever, and soon the seniors will be gone too.