Snow on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa!

Snow on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa!

The snow on Mauna Kea. January 2014

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

Hawaiʻi islanders have been waiting patiently for winter season weather to come around the corner.  Winter season is the time of the year when Hawaiʻi gets to have their “snow time.” It’s the time of the year people wait for the snow on Mauna Kea to arrive, and when we’re lucky, snow on Mauna Loa too!

Last week Hawaiʻi got its “week of rain” with the exception of sun on Friday and Saturday. With all that rain, Mauna Kea AND Mauna Loa  got its annual snow fall and it came pretty low down the mountain. Majority of the time, weather plays a big role in deciding if and when people decide to play in the snow. Since this was the first time either of the mountains had snow this winter, Mauna Kea became the place the to be this past weekend.

Many people from all over the island went up on Saturday, February 1st, to get what might there only chance to have their snow time. Mauna Kea had one of its busiest days in a while. There were cars lined up bumper to bumper before the visitor information center! It hasn’t been heard of in a really long time! There was more than enough snow for everyone that went up; trucks had filled their bed full of snow to take home. Mauna Loa also had plenty snow to play in. Although, not as many people went up that mountain and the snow was little more patchy (not fully white everywhere) than on Mauna Kea. The snow on Mauna Loa was half hard, icy on the top and half soft, “fluffy” underneath. Since it was sunny, the snow melted quickly by the end of the day on both mountains. That was where many people spent the weekend last week, playing in the snow. We hope to see more before the winter season is over!