Kendama & Flappy Bird Take Kohala by Storm

Josiah Adams, reporter

   It’s inevitable.  Whether you like it or not, you’ve probably heard someone talking about  kendama or Flappy Bird.  In December of 2013 it was rare to see a kendama in the halls of Kohala High School.  However, the popular toy has become a new fad in Kohala.  They have been in the hands of students since their return to school in January.  Kendama sales have done very well in Oahu as the craze swept the island.  With the craze quickly sweeping Kohala, local vendors are now selling the toy.

    Many have described kendama as “addicting.”  Some students spend significant amounts of time perfecting new tricks.  One popular use of the kendama is in a game of horse.  The objective of the game is to match the trick that your opponent does with their kendama.  If you fail to match their trick you get a letter.  It’s the same concept of the popular basketball game, but played with the kendama.

    The kendama isn’t the only thing flying around school.  The popular smartphone app “Flappy Bird” has become a popular topic of discussion for students with smartphones.  Many have a love hate relationship with the game.  In the game, the player must guide a bird through a series of pipes by tapping on the screen.  A task that isn’t necessarily easy for most.   Like the kendama, many have described the game as “addicting.”

Not all are fans of the Flappy Bird.  Some see the game as a waste of time as there is no way to win the game.  The game is endless, and the only thing you can beat is your own high score.  The game play in combination with the sound of constant beeping just doesn’t appeal to some.  However, the apps availability in the free to play section of smartphone app stores has made it quite popular none the less.

Love it or hate it, kendama and Flappy Bird are sweeping the nation by storm.