Sochi is Still On

Kassie Kometani, Editor

This year’s highly anticipated Winter Olympics have arrived despite the controversy surrounding the games. The games will be held in Sochi, Russia which has induced high terrorism concerns. The warfare and unrest surrounding the area make it an issue of high importance to safety officials. These concerns continue to plague the upcoming events as terrorist groups have vowed to attack Sochi during the games. Many athletes were unsure if they would attend the games due to the safety issue. However, the local chief of the games is enforcing protective measures and promises that “Sochi is the safest sports place in the world at the moment”. Security has been beefed up to give athletes and spectators some peace of mind and the games will go on as scheduled. The Opening Ceremony will commence this Friday and all fingers are crossed for a peaceful games.

The Olympic Games are an important time when people from all over the globe come together to compete in a televised competition. Everyone shares one thing in common: a love for sports. For an overview of the Winter Olympics, a total of 15 sports are showcased at the games. Amongst the more well known events include alpine skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, and snowboarding. Lindsey Vohn, Shaun White, and Apollo Anton Ono are some of the more familiar star athletes of the games.

The United States is always a contender in the numerous events and people from around the world will be rooting for their favorites. Good luck to all athletes!