May Day Court on It’s Way!

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

May is soon approaching and that means May Day is too! This year’s May Day court has been voted on and selected. In order to be considered for a nomination, the applicants needed to write and turn in an essay, as well as complete an interview.  Both the essay and the interview are scored based on points, which then adds up and ranks each applicant according to whomever had the most points.

The 2014 May Day King is Ricky Ching and the Queen is Hauʻoli Sproat Lancaster.  Representing the island of Hawaiʻi are Kenya Rae Kelly and Pono Giron-Arellano. Representing the island of Maui are Tihani Anakalea and Mark Edwards. Representing the island of Kahoʻolawe are Kawehi Heinicke and Dayvn Ramos. Representing the island of Lanaʻi are Kimberly Elarco and Kahuliau Kaʻai. Representing the island of Molokaʻi are Mohala Kumukoa-Kaholoaʻa and Trenton Lorenzo-Akamu. Representing the island of Oʻahu are Brittney Kanoa and Arden Dean. Representing the island of Kauaʻi are Jocelyn Campollo and Keanu Kainoa. Representing the island of Niʻihau are Aunika Lawrence and Kaimipono Solomon-Lewis. The ladies in waiting are Carley Arraujo, Pukaua Cabulizan-Arros, Larissa Santiago, and Venus Ascencion. The chanter is Ginise Moniz.

Everyone is looking forward this year’s May Day!