Rick and Morty!

Jayden Lewis, Journalist

Doctor Who, Back to the future, the Timemachines

All great stories of science fiction time travelers. If you are a fan of such movies and shows, then you’re gonna love RICK AND MORTY!

Adult Swim released a new series called “Rick and Morty”, created by Justin Roiland, and Dan Harmon. The show features an Elderly scientist named Rick who goes on crazy adventures with his grandson, Morty, and is incre4dibly hilarious!

Rick and Morty was initial form was a NSFW Back to the Future parody titled Doc and Mharti, which debuted at the Channel 101 short film competition. After the short found some attention, creator Justin Roiland teamed up with Channel 101 founder Dan Harmon to turn Doc and Mharti into Rick and Morty, which subsequently found its way to Adult Swim.

The series follows a kid named Morty and his grandfather Rick as they go on sci-fi adventures. As said by fans on Tumblr and YouTube, it’s the best new show on TV, but you don’t have to take my word for it. The San Francisco Chronicle loves it as well, as do AV Club and Vulture.

The show has so far released 7 episodes, each being magnificent with a “Jurassic Park” parody and a “Inception” parody. It is honestly one of the best shoes released on Adult Swim in a long time.

See the show for yourself on Monday nights! Experience the hilarity and action!