Young Team, Lots to Learn

Denae Rivera, Reporter

Flying into Kohala High School’s softball season of 2014 is a whole new game. Being that this years girls varsity team might turn out to be a different one…and by different I mean that this team could be a relatively young one. With just a few returnees we need to step our game up a whole new level. Looking toward winning the BIIF title for Division II is a REALLY HUGE goal. Everyone needs to be on the same mindset. Think like a team, win like a team.

We have a lot of talent on our team, we just need to learn each others strengths and weaknesses. By doing that we can work on what needs attention, and what we could actually fix to be stronger. Like batting weaknesses which could easily be fixed and used frequently in games or fielding weaknesses. Getting low, keeping our eyes on the ball, and using two hands to protect the ball from falling out of the glove. Trust me these small things work wonders!

I believe this team could do really good this year. With a lot of talent, and a lot of younger players there’s potential. The thing with young players is that they can learn fast, and they have the time to learn too. But then again it’s all up to them how they want to play and how badlu they want to win.

For me loosing isn’t the greatest feeling and I’m sure a lot of other people are like that too. No one wants to loose. Especially if you KNOW your team has the talent and potential. It hurts.

Aside from all the negative things, I know we can take it this year. We just have to work for it like every other team on the Island.