Chaos in Kiev

Death and destruction has swept the streets of Kiev, Ukraine; as anti-government protesters clash with riot police.  This week has been the most violent of the protest since it began in November.  Although the Ukrainian government has called for a truce, temporary peace has yet to come.  Protesters who feared the truce was a “sham”  continued to clash with the riot police in Kiev.  The outcome is devastating.

The death toll rose after Government snipers opened fire on violent protesters.  Protest medics predict that at least 70 were killed in the attack, and hundreds injured.  In the midst of the chaos, fellow protesters rushed out with shields to protect the injured.  Bodies are being dragged away on plywood and plastic sheets.  However, the protesters aren’t the only ones suffering losses.

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has reported that 67 police have been captured and held hostage by protesters.  There have also been reports that the police were marched around the protester camps with their hands above their heads.  It is unclear how the police were captured but opposition lawmakers say that they are being held by the protesters occupying city hall.

The past three months of protest have been rather peaceful but estimates claim that at least 99 people were killed in protests this week.  The protesters seek the resignation of the Ukrainian president who is loyal to Russia.  The European Union has called to order an emergency meeting in response to the violence.