Alumni Interview

Alumni Interview

Sheana shown playing basketball against Kealakehe

Denae Rivera, Reporter

Plenty of you are probably wondering where all of the Kohala High alumni are today, right? Luckily, I have a little insight for you! From the graduating class of 2013 one of my good friends Sheana Cazimero offered to be interviewed.

Sheana was a very athletic, hardworking student in high school with a few mishaps here and there. She could be described as a highly competitive and determined athlete. On the court, on the field, or in the classroom she tried her best. But of course, sometimes trying isn’t enough.

A lot like many of the students here at Kohala, she wasn’t so fond of homework nor classwork. Sheana has admitted to being lazy when it comes to doing certain homeworks for English, even though she was good at it. She also struggled through Math all of her four years. However, the time came where she realized being lazy wasn’t going to get her through high school, so she pulled it together like any hardworking student would and guess what? She pulled it off! She managed to get decent grades and graduated on time with the rest of her fellow classmates.

When asked about her high school experiences Sheana said, “I would rather go back to school to sit in class, rather than having to wake up early and go to work.”  She agrees with the well-known phrase given by former alumni that “the real world sucks.”  Sheana explains that you should enjoy high school while you can, and join in on school activities.

Besides the actual school work, friends were a huge part of her high school career. Sheana states that she is still friends with majority of the people she hung out with in school, but as graduation came her current friends at the time moved away and started a new chapter in their lives. That resulted in them having new experiences and encounters with new people. So now,  she isn’t close to some of her friends anymore.

The worst part about being graduated is that she has to pay for everything herself, when in school she had the luxury of stuff being paid for her by her guardians. On top of that, Sheana has to work endless morning and tiring night shifts every day of the week depending on her schedule. (Sometimes even weekends! Yay for her!) She also misses playing sports in school. That’s pretty much all she would look forward to, and the recesses where she could be an immature teenager without being judged.

All in all Sheana was an average teenage girl trying to make her way through her high school years. She did just that, and she encourages current students to succeed in school so that they can do something great with their future.