Console Wars the MOVIE?!

Jayden Lewis, Journalist

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldstein, writers and directors of hilarious films such as Super Bad, Pineapple Express, and This Is The End have recently been working on a new movie called Console Wars. Console Wars is based off a book written by Blake J. Harris.

Our generation of gamers are very familiar with the current Console Wars between Microsoft Xbox and Sony Play Station.  However, not many people remember the original Console Wars in the late 80s and 90s, the Console War between Nintendo and Sega.

Most people of our generation is already familiar with Nintendo Consoles such as the Wii, DS, and sometimes the GameCube. But Nintendo’s highest point began before all that. Nintendo began first with their cartridge series, starting with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), in 1985. This was their first console was a huge success, and it was way more standard instead of your average console today. Back then, Nintendo used cartridges instead of disks, which were much easier to fix. You can practically fix a cartridge by blowing repetitively inside it. Also, the controls were very simple, only containing the A and B button, the D pad, and the START and SELECT button.

From there, they continued with other consoles like the Super Nintendo System (SNES), in 1991, and the Nintendo 64, in 1996. Nintendo also released one of the very first hand held game consoles, Game Boy, in 1989. This later advance to the newest model, we know as 3DSi.

Oh yes, Nintendo had been known as the best game designers in the world, especially with their most popular character and game franchise, Mario. But as well known as they were, they had a worthy competitor. Not many people of this generation of gaming knew of this, but Nintendo was competing against Sega.

Sega, like Nintendo, was a Japanese constructed gaming cooperation. Their second console they made, Sega Master System (SMS), was a competing console against the Nintendo Entertainment System, being made barely a year after the NES. Sega Genesis, released in 1989, was Sega’s most popular console, competing against the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. With the Sega Genesis, Sega released it’s most popular character franchise that is still competing against Nintendo’s Mario. Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic became a very popular game, and the series continued in Sega’s newest console, Sega Saturn, released in 1995. Sega Saturn had an actual upper hand in advancement in technology, astonishing gamers by using CD-ROMs as their newest version of media input, instead of the old standard cartridge. This became crucial for popularity against the Nintendo 64. Unfortunately, that was also the start of Sony’s new gaming console, Play Station, leaving Sega Saturn to not sell too well.

In a comeback, Sega developed a new console called the Dreamcast, released in 1998. In hopes of restoring it’s glory, the Dreamcast was meant to make up for the failure of the Sega Saturn. In the beginning, Dreamcast lived up to it’s word, making more profit than the Sega Saturn. However, their sales quickly plummeted after the Sony’s second Console, the Play Station 2 (PS2), and the new American gaming console designed by Microsoft, the Xbox. Being unable to play DVDs like its competitors, the Dreamcast failed, ending the line of Sega.

The First Console War between Sega and Nintendo became a forgotten war for 7th generation gamers. The fall of Sega is only remembered by their old fans, and today, Nintendo’s consoles are having a major struggle competing against their new competitors, on the verge of sharing the same fate as Sega. “Console Wars” is said to have documented the competition of the two, and both Seth and Evan hopes of reenacting these emotions of events. It is not yet said when the release date of the movie will be, but I personally would recommend to see this movie of beautiful history if you are a gamer.