Switzerland Minimum Wage May Be Raised to $24.80

Shawn Estabilio, Journalist

Currently, the nation of Switzerland has no national minimum wage. But soon the Swiss will be voting on not only if they’ll have a national minimum wage, but whether they’ll have the world’s highest minimum wage at 22 francs an hour ($24.80). $24.80 an hour would come out to $4,505 a month.

Johann Schneider-Ammann, Switzerland’s economics minister, said that yes 22 francs an hour would be damaging for the economy. “The government is convinced it would be wrong for the state to impose a nationwide wage,” he said to a media conference reported by Reuters. He went on to say “A minimum wage of 4,000 francs could lead to job cuts and even threaten the existance of smaller companies, …”

The Swish will be voting on the minimum issue on May 18th.