Tennis Team Fundraising for Uniforms!

Alexis Ella Matundan, Reporter

Kohala High School’s tennis team is fundraising for their brand new uniforms. Every year the tennis team has a fundraiser with See’s candies and every year everyone looks forward to it. This is the second year the Athletic Department offered to pay for half of the uniform cost because if they paid for the whole uniform, they’d have to use the same uniform for two years. The Awesome Bars are priced at $1.25, the dark chocolate with almonds are being sold for $1.50 and milk chocolate with toffee is also $1.50.

See anyone on the Tennis team to buy. The tennis boys are Chance Souze, Bradlee Estabillio, Kyle Morin, Jameson Keyes, Cougar Oakes, and Ziggy Bartholemy. Returnee players include Skyler Marcom-Robinson, Michael Bartolome, Geronimo Boyle, Timothy Pontius, and Tiger Oakes.  The tennis girls are Chaslyn Yamamoto, Venus Asencion, Isabel Steinhoff, Kassie Kometani, Mikaela Bartsch, Gabrielle Bartolome, Zoe Rudd, Zaylee Apostadiro, Kaitlyn Yamamoto, Teshna Gilhuis-Nekrash, and Chloe Mattison.