State Wide Testing Storms Hawaii Schools

Alexis Ella Matundan, Reporter

The state of Hawai’i is having a mandatory testing date on March 4, 2014. All the high schools of the state will be “shut down” for testing. Each grade level will be taking a different type of testing with the exception of the Seniors presenting their Senior Projects. The juniors will be taking the ACT, the sophomores the Plan, and the freshmen the Explore. They’ll be testing in their Advisory groups.

Breakfast will be served at 8:00am. Late students will have to take a make up exam. Absolutely NO cell phones or electronics are allowed. Students found in possession of a device during the test will be dismissed. Students will be dismissed at 1:00pm and busses will leave at 1:30pm. Lunch will be served from 1pm-1:30pm.

The seniors who signed up for time slots during the morning session (8am-10:30am) will need to be at their assigned rooms by 8am, and will remain there until they are dismissed at 10:30am. Those students who are dismissed, must leave campus immediately because of school wide testing and to prepare for the arrival of students in the afternoon session. The seniors who signed up for the afternoon session (11:10am-1:20pm) will need to sign in at their assigned rooms by 11:10am and are to remain in their session until they are dismissed at 1:20pm.

Students need to remember to bring #2 pencils with good erasers, a watch to pace yourself, and a calculator. The school encourages students to eat well for breakfast and that is why you’ll all be sent to the cafeteria. Students are welcome to bring their own snacks for break time. Only one student is allowed to leave the room to use the restroom and must return to their room.  If a student returns late from the restroom, the class will not wait for him/her and will start the test.

Good luck to the seniors presenting their senior projects and the rest of the underclassmen taking their tests!