Looking For a Senior Picture Photographer?

Kassie Kometani, Editor

Senior year is undoubtedly the busiest year of a high school student’s life. They are overloaded with schoolwork, senior project, college applications, and more. With the date ticking down to graduation there is one other thing for seniors to consider: senior pictures! Senior pictures has become a tradition for upcoming graduates. Along with the school pictures seniors take for the yearbook, they also have the opportunity to take personal pictures with a professional or non-professional photographer. Unlike the yearbook senior pictures, these personal photo shoots can be taken anywhere a senior desires. These photos are great mementos of your senior year and they are perfect to give out to friends and family.

In the past, some seniors have traveled all the way to Hilo to take their senior pictures with companies such as Action Photos of Hawaii. Those companies can get expensive and it can be hassle to travel so far just for pictures. So why not get a photographer right in Kohala for a reasonable price? That is where the high recommendation for photographer Jenna Vega comes in. Jenna Vega is a local photographer living in Kohala who does a wide range of photo shoots including weddings, maternity shoots, and senior pictures. Jenna loves to capture moments in the fun and beautiful surroundings that Kohala has to offer. Her bright and lively photos bring out the best in her subjects. Seniors, book Jenna Vega for your senior pictures today! You can check out her photos and get more information from the links below.