ACT Test Basics

Denae Rivera, Reporter

Getting into the right college can determine a lot about your life and future career. Well prepared exam takers rely on things like study island (ACT practice) and ACT prep to help them get ready for the test, while others may prefer another type of study method. Either way do not let procrastination stand in the way of your success.

The ACT is accepted by all four year colleges and universities in the U.S.

Preparation is the number one key for taking the ACT. The test questions on the ACT are taken out from what you’ve learned in your high school courses such as English, mathematics, reading, and science. Every day you attend class you’re preparing yourself for the ACT. The harder you work in school, the more prepared you will be! Though most teens don’t like to study or do any type of work at all, there are plenty of ways to prepare for this exam. Taking challenging courses in high school is the best way. Advanced Placement classes are examples of challenging courses to consider.

The ACT also offers a variety of test preparation options including free online practice tests, testing tips for each subject area tested, and ACT student booklets found in local libraries. All of these tools could help make or break your test scores.

Other than the testing itself, the ACT gives you a little push toward planning your future. Before taking the test there are a bunch of questions you have to bubble in about your interests and student profile. This isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but it helps colleges find you. By making yourself visible to colleges and potential scholarships.

Take into regard that the ACT is very important, especially if you’re wanting to go to college.