Kohala Kids Need Your Help!

Genevieve Boyle, Reporter

A group of 5th graders at Kohala Elementary School formed a group back in November because they wanted to make a difference in their community. They’re planning on having an Art Contest & Sale Day on March 28, 2014 at the Kohala Elementary School Campus; all proceeds are to be donated to the American Red Cross in lieu of the Haiyan Typhoon Relief in the Philippines.

The help that they need from the community are donations of the following items to help make their day a success. They have donation boxes located in front of Takata Store and at the Kohala Elementary School office.

Meadow Gold Ice Cream containers (1 gallon)

Best Food Mayonnaise bottles (30 oz & 64oz)

old tennis balls

old or broken crayons (any size, any color)

#10 envelope boxes (not the envelopes)

The inspiring students say, “Just because we are “children”, that doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference in the world around us.”