Peer Mediation Program in Developement

Josiah Adams, reporter

In recent weeks, students have gathered in Ms. Brown’s room to receive peer mediation training.   The peer mediation program is aimed at having students mediate meetings between two or more students who are in conflict.  The goal of the program is not to have students serving as peer mediators to solve the problems of their peers, but to have them mediate their peers to help them obtain a better understanding of the conflicting views.  The program has been implemented in the elementary and middle school, and has been successful enough for school leadership to give the program the green-light. The question is will this program work at KHS?

The peer mediation program is not a mandatory program for students in conflict.  It is completely voluntary, and attending these mediation sessions will  give students the opportunity to work out their problems in the company of their peers.  The training is expected to finish by the end of the quarter, so expect peer meditations in the 4th quarter.