Cowgirls Come From Behind!

Denae Rivera, Reporter

Thursday, March 6, 2014 – Kohala Cowgirls kick off their varsity softball season with a win over HPA 15-8. This now makes their record 1-0.

The starting players were as listed: Ashlyn VanZandt (Pitcher), Tomiko Coito (Catcher), Desha Yamasaki (1B), Kiana Alejandro-Cazimero (2B), Denae Rivera (SS), Kyrah Sol (3b), Jurnee Keawe (RF), Setsuko Kimura (Center Feild), and Hauoli Sproat-Lancaster (LF).

The first couple of innings were tough for the Cowgirls. HPA’s pitcher, Senior Kawena Lim-Samura led the game with a score of 1-0 in the first inning. After that her pitches kept coming in hot. The Cowgirls just could not get a hold of any hits.

Following the first inning, the Cowgirl’s defense wasn’t as up to scale as it should have been. HPA scored on field errors giving them a score of 7-1 in the third inning. After a few jitters, Kohala joined back in the game with a score of 8-2 with HPA still leading during the sixth inning. The Cowgirls stopped at nothing, they managed to pull through and make up every error made in the beginning of the game. Their hits came at the right time and their defense stepped up to another level.

Closing out the game, Kohala has shown why you should always persevere. Great things happen when you try, and as they say “Champions come from behind.”

The Cowgirls have a long season ahead of them and they need every bit of their heads in winning mode.