Class of the Year 2013-2014 Standings

Genevieve Boyle, Reporter

The “Class of the Year” competition was started at the beginning of the School year. Each class competes with each other through spirit days and spirit weeks. It has been a close  fight for the title between the Junior and Senior classes. The title will be announced at the end of the year. The last competition that will be added to the current standings is the Singing of the Alma Mater on April 4, 2014 during advisory in the gym. The judges for that competition will be the Alumni who previously performed the Alma Mater for the High School on March 7, 2014. So to all classes get practicing on the Alma Mater to gain your class some points for Class of the Year!

Here are the current standings and results for spirit weeks and days.

School Spirit Day (Oct. 2): FR-15, SO-20, JR-42, SR-52

Class Colors Spirit Day (Oct. 16): FR-6, SO- 32, JR-42, SR-80

Winter Spirit Week (Dec. 16-20): FR-364, SO-440, JR-597, SR-619

Homecoming Spirit Week (Jan. 20-25): FR-717, SO-780, JR-1,034, SR-993

Valentine’s Spirit Week (Feb. 10-14): FR-203, SO-213, JR-251, SR-240

Current Standings as of Feb. 17: FR-1305, SO-1485, JR-1,966, SR-1,984