Wanted Terrorist In Hawaii

Josiah Adams, Reporter

America’s most wanted domestic terrorist subject may be hiding out in Hawaii. Animal rights extremist Daniel Andreas San Diego has been charged with detonating two pipe bombs in front of San Francisco companies which have ties to experiments on animals. While under a 24 hour surveillance by the FBI, San Diego managed to give them the slip. Since then, he has successfully evaded the FBI. However, credible intelligence has lead the FBI investigations to the Big Island. The search has been heavily focused in the Pahoa area. The rich forest, farms, and seclusion may have served as the perfect hideaway for San Diego. And this isn’t the first time that a wanted fugitive has come to the Big Island for refuge. In recent years, a former resident of Kohala was arrested on charges that he committed on the mainland. After moving from Kohala to Thailand, Thai authorities arrested him after finding abnormalities with his documents. The conditions of Hawaii may allow for off the grid living, and his vegan lifestyle does not necessarily call for gourmet dining. Hawaii also serves as a “melting pot” for various cultures. Attracting many asian cultures, finding a way to the Philippines undetected may not be that far fetched of a possibility. San Diego has a circular tattoo of a burning forest with the words “It Only Takes a Spark.” If you have any information on him, please contact authorities.